No more soggy pizza bases - using this 30cm pizza screen from Vogue is a great way of guaranteeing evenly baked crusts and crispy bases. Specially sized holes allow air to circulate and hit the dough, while the aluminium quickly distributes heat evenly for consistently impressive results. Simple, strong and durable, the screen is perfect for restaurants and takeaways. The ideal size for creating standard 10" - 12" pizzas.


Product features

  • Dimensions 305mm.
  • Weight 110g
  • Flat base design
  • Quick and even heat distribution
  • Encourages air circulation
  • Perfectly baked crusts and bases
  • Long-lasting performance



Pizza Screen 12" Vogue

  • To prolong the life of your screen and to stop the dough sticking, we recommend "seasoning" it first. To do this lightly spray with oil and bake at 250C for 5 minutes. The brown layer that builds up will darken over time  - do not scrub off!

    Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Do not scrub. Do not soak.