100% Natural
Loaded with fresh garlic & basil

Chilled ... not frozen!


We teamed up with Woolworths to bring you our famous dough and sauce ... now chilled!

No more thawing, just simply let the dough rise... SO FAST, SO EASY, SO FUN!

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Prepare the perfect pizza in 4 easy steps!

We've included some extra tips below for creating the ULTIMATE pizza!


1. Rise

Preheat oven to 250 deg C.

QUICK METHOD: Pop the pouch in a full sink of hot tap water (not boiling) until doubled the size.

BENCH TOP METHOD: Let the dough rise in the pouch until double the size in pouch at room temperature.



2. Stretch or Roll - Dust the dough with flour and stretch to about 11 inches (30cm) . Make it round, rectangle or any shape you like! Use a rolling pin for a thing and crispy base. Transfer onto a piece of baking paper or floured surface.

3. Top - Now its time to get creative....top with your favourite ingredients. Remember less is more!

4. Bake -  Bake on a tray, pizza screen or pre-heated pizza stone for 5 - 10 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.


Our signature pizza sauce is ready to top on to your favourite pizza.

Only a minimal amount is required meaning NO SOGGY PIZZAS!

Use in pasta dishes, chicken parmigiana, or as a dipping sauce for arancini.. the possibilities are endless!


1. FOR PIZZAS - Apply 75g - 90g of sauce directly onto the pizza dough in circular motions from the centre.

2. OTHER DISHES - Simmer sauce in a small pan, heat before serving.

tu-good Tips

Allow the dough to

double in size before opening the pouch


Apply sauce first, then cheese, then toppings

Less is more when it comes to toppings! Keep it simple.


Crank your oven up to at least 250 deg C!


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