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Simon Kanaan - Team Villaggio Sydney

My name is Simon Kanaan, I'm the chef/owner of Team Villaggio group of restaurants. Five years ago when I opened my first restaurant I was introduced to Sugo Tu frozen dough discand from day one I was extremely impressed. My only concern was the consistency must stay the same and five years on not only did the consistency stay the same, our restaurant won the best pizza in Australia two years running and we still have an exceeding customer growth and satisfaction.

In all my history as a chef and all the dishes that I', famous for, the pizzas I produce from the dough has overwhelmingly been the wow factor of my cooking career. 

Kind regards,

Simon Kanaan

Andrew Middleton reviewed Sugo Tu Pizza – 5 star

As a writer and food critic I have to say the snap frozen bases that I have been buying for a few years is second to none. Makes life easy at dinner time. I'm off to buy my quota tomorrow.

Fausto Gambacciani reviewed Sugo Tu Pizza – 5 star

Hands down the best way to create a pizza masterpiece at home that would make the very best pizzerias envious. Wood fired gourmet quality pizzas made by you at home for a fraction of the price I know where I'm getting my pizza fix

Michelle Mckail Flower reviewed Sugo Tu Pizza – 5 star

Bought a firebox bbq pizza oven and sugo tu pizza dough and sauce it was the nicest pizza, the dough was so light and fluffy looking for stockist in nsw, my initial purchase was from Costco would be great to be able to get this product from a local supermarket. Highly recommend this product, hands down the best pizza dough for home made pizzas 10 out of 10.


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