Food Service

​It all starts with the dough ... 

We've solved the eternal balancing act of quality vs speed.

It's now possible to serve rustic, authentic, great-tasting pizzas...Every time, fast.

The secret? Using a unique method we craft our dough to deliver unmatched quality, consistency and taste. It is so easy to stretch that literally anyone can do it - head chef, kitchen hand or waiter. In fact we're so proud of our pizza perfection that we guarantee it. Simply great tasting pizzas every time or your money back, no questions asked. 


Please contact us for product samples or to locate a   distributor in your area. 

It Simply works

With thousands of consumers eating our Dough each day through our many food service partners, we receive a great deal of feedback about why people love our dough

  • Consistent authentic tasting - light & fluffy dough

  • 100% Highest Quality Natural Ingredients

  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans


In addition to keeping customers happy there are also a range of commercial benefits associated with using our dough

  • Highest Quality Ingredients - ensure consistent, authentic tasting pizza every time

  • Exceptionally easy to manage in a busy commercial setting

  • eeesy-stretch dough recipe allows use across all skill levels in your kitchen

  • Durability to cook in a wide range of commercial ovens

  • Precise portioning assists with maintaining food costs & reducing waste

  • 5 days to use thawed product - minimising wastage

  • Stored frozen for up-to 12 months - means you will never run short of product

 Product Range

Our Partners & Distributors


Sugo Tu has a wide network of foodservice distributors across Australia.

Currently exporting to China, International enquiries welcome. 

Please contact us for a distributor in your area.


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