More of our Favourite Recipes

More of our Favourite Recipes

With a portion of Sugo tu dough stashed away in your freezer, you can quickly turn refrigerator odds and ends into a gourmet meal. Instead of letting sad, forgotten vegetables meet their end in your crisper, arrange them on a disc of dough with cheese and tomato sauce. Leftover meat from a summer barbie? Throw that in as well. Be as creative or as simple as you wish – it’s your pizza, and you should have it exactly as you like.

That said, time-tested flavour combinations are good to have in your rotation. The recipes below are favourites at Sugo tu, with a long history of approval from our customers and our families. They include "tomato sugo," our signature sauce, made with plump, perfectly seasoned Italian tomatoes.

As any Italian cook worth their salt will tell you, the flavour of a finished recipe rests on the quality of its ingredients. Sugo tu dough is a perfect start – 100% natural ingredients are allowed to ferment slowly and naturally, free of any additives and preservatives. Just thaw, stretch, top, and enjoy a glass of Chianti while it bakes!

Margherita - A timeless classic for a reason. The Sugo version swaps the traditional mozzarella for fresh bocconcini on a base of tomato sugo, topped with aromatic ribbons of fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. There’s a bit of controversy behind the history of the world’s most famous pizza, which you can read about in our next blog!

Termolese - This smoky, briny concoction is sure to impress the gourmand in your group of friends. Pair creamy fresh bocconcini with smoked tomato sugo and double smoked leg ham (that’s triple smoked flavour, if anyone’s counting). Top with slivered anchovies and pitted kalamata olives.

Verde - Start with Italian salsa verde, literally a "green sauce" made with fresh herbs, cornichons, and anchovy fillets. Add a healthy amount of grana padano cheese, a hard cheese similar to parmigiano-reggiano, and top with fresh mozzarella, green olives, fresh basil, artichoke hearts, and anchovies.

Quattro Formaggi - When three kinds of cheese are just not enough, there’s always the Quattro Formaggi. Combine creamy mozzarella and bocconcini, salty grana padano, and pungent gorgonzola. Finish with a hit of fresh sage for a savoury herbal note that cuts the richness of the cheese.

Palermo - As satisfying as a meat-lover’s with a refined touch, the Palermo combines tomato sugo with mozzarella, double smoked leg ham, and prosciutto. Garnish with extra virgin olive oil and Italian parsley. To accent the flavour of the ham, top with smoked mozzarella to taste.

Funghi - You can easily call a pizza a Funghi with field mushrooms and mozzarella, but for an elegant touch, top the lot with a truffle and egg glaze. The glaze will accent the earthy flavour of the mushrooms and give the finished pizza a beautiful sheen.

Gamberoni - Garlic prawns are a sure bet on their own, but when joined by tomatu sugo, mozzarella, bocconcini, and parsley atop a Sugo crust, they’re pure magic. We recommend adding some chopped fresh chili for extra bite.